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Start your rope bondage exploration today with the many Japanese, Shibari and Kinbaku quality bondage rope products offered by us, the Lovers Knot Rope Company. We are an American made company focused on finely crafted and hand conditioned natural fibers (Hemp, Jute, Bamboo) in our bondage rope. We rely on the years of experience from our owners, partners and in-house artist Noppera-bo to create the very best bondage ropes. Whether you are seeking rope bondage for beginners, sharing your personal experience on how to do rope bondage in a group setting, or an expert already well versed in tying someone up, our product lines are designed to fit your needs.

We take pride in our focused New England work ethic and couple this with the historical authenticity of Japanese bondage rope conditioning recipes to forge only the highest quality products. We don't want to be known as just a place where to buy rope, but as a company constantly learning from our clients to improve our service and our product lines. Every month our partners meet to consider new products that can be launched to enhance the rope bondage experience of our clients for public and private use.

Feel free to browse our storefront for any of your quality bondage rope needs. Inside you'll find instructional materials, accessories like clothing and pitcher candles, maintenance materials like jojoba oil and of course our hand conditioned bondage rope. If you're new to rope bondage feel free to give our beginner bundle a try. This are meant for those that just want to dip their toes in the passionate water after being exposed to a little bondage from media like the famous book and movie: 50 Shades of Gray.

For our more experienced clients why not try out our expert bundle for those long nights or kinky party scenes where you need to come well prepared for anything. Our rope will stimulate all of your senses with the unique treatment process and beautiful end conditioning for the perfect body marks. Choose from our many colors and lengths with optional whipped ends available upon request.

Besides our rope bondage supplies we also offer private classes on ties, suspensions and developing your own community. Our staff focuses on production; photography of beautiful bondage art; writing unique and interested articles for our blog; professional customer service and of course our in-house artist; Noppera-bo. Look around and start exploring all of the possibilities with the premium bondage rope being offered by us, the Lovers Knot Rope Company. If you have any questions feel free to browse our FAQ page, or drop us a line for anything we haven't covered.

Besides PayPal and major credit cards, we now offer Bitcoin as a payment method for your bondage rope order. We also are now featuring our new bamboo bondage rope line. Use the code: ILUVBAMBOO at checkout for 15% off those products. Happy shopping and remember, as always, to be kinky!


“I am totally impressed with Lover’s Knot Rope Company. Their hemp is as good, if not better, than any I have ever bought elsewhere but the jute in particular is the best I have ever owned! The color is exquisite and permeates deeply into the rope and the rope fiber is still crisp and very photogenic. But what I like best is that even on day one it is deliciously supple and soft. I am a huge fan of silk rope which tells you how soft I like it and I have a lot of jute I have never gotten around to breaking in properly because it is just too nasty to use on most of my bottoms but their jute could make me a fan of it! I definitely plan to acquire more of this and soon!”

— Mz Suzanne SxySadist, Professional Domme, CT


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